360 Lincoln — Loring.  

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   OTIS (II. p. 467 : 18, ii.), m. Elizabeth, dau. of Archibald Thompson.   Of their ten ch. Elizabeth, b. in Hing. Aug. 10, 1794, m. first, Capt. Samuel Shackford of Eastport, Me.   He d. at Demarara, South America, Aug. 31, 1820, at the early age of 32 yrs. and leaving a s., Capt. Samuel, who removed in 1853 to Chicago, Ill., engaged in mercantile pursuits, and was one of the early members of the Board of Trade.   Mrs. Shackford m. secondly, Sylvanus Appleby, and d. at Eastport 28 Apr. 1884, æt. 90th yr.   Otis Lincoln, the fa. of Mrs. Appleby, d. at Perry, Me., 10 Oct. 1846, æt. 83 yrs.

   PERCY MARSH, s. of Alexander H. (III. p. 14 : 36, iv.), was b. March 1, 1887.

   SUSIE (II. p. 467 : 19, ii.), m. Jan. 11, 1781, James Stoddard.

LINSCOTT. [3:21]

   Ch. of LEONARD C., and Hattie F. (Hobart), (III. p. 349 : 50, iii.), —

   i.   LUCY FRANCES, b. Apr. 3, 1886.
   ii.   HATTIE MAY, June 16, 1888.


   GEORGE W. (III. p. 23 : 1, v.), d. at Wey. 16 March, 1889, æt. 52 yrs. and 22 dys.


   JOANNA, dau. of Dennis and Ellen M. Magnor (III. p. 48), was b. in Hing. Oct. 12, 1888.


   ANN, wid. of Timothy (III. p. 26), d. 26 Nov. 1888, æt. 59 yrs., — town rec. says æt. 56 yrs.


   BENJAMIN, m'ge agreement (III. p. 28 : 5, i.): —
   This indenture made the twenty sixth day of august anno Domini one thoufand seuen hundred and twenty six between Benjamin Loring of Hull, in ye County of Suffolk in new England, husbandman of the first part, and Deborah Cufhing of Hingham in the County aforesd, widdow and Relict of matthew Cufhing Juna Late of Hingham aforesd, deceafed, of the second part, and John Jacob of Hingham aforesd, husbandman of the third part, wittnefseth, That whereas  .  .  .  there is a marriage agreed vpon and shortly to be had and solemnized between the sd Benjamin Loring and the sd Deborah Cufhing, and the sd Benjamin Loring stands seized of a Considerable Estate both Real & personal, and the sd Deborah Cufhing alfoe stands seized of a Considerable Estate both Real and personal, now therefore for the settleing of matters Relateing to their sd Estates and preuenting difference about & Concerning the same for the future, The parties to thefe prefents haue agreed and Concluded in manner & forme following (That is to say  .  .  .  
   Imprimis that The ye sd Deborah Cufhing shall and she doth hereby oblige herselfe to bring with her to the sd Benjamin Loring vpon the Confumation of the marriage aforesd The sum of one hundred pounds in houfehold goods & personal Estate as it shall be valued vpon a reasonable apprizent which sd hundred pounds he ye sd Benjamin Loring shall haue the vfe and Improuement of during the time of their Continuance together in theire married state and no Longer, and the sd Benjamin Loring doth hereby binde and oblige himself, his heirs, Executors and administrators that Imeadiately vpon the deceafe of Either of them ye sd Benjamin or Deborah which shall first


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