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George Lincoln, et. al.
History of Hingham

The Online Edition

Volume I, Parts I & II - History
Volumes II & III - Genealogy

George Lincoln, et. al., History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts, (Hingham: Town of Hingham 1893; Vols. II & III repr. 2 vols. in 1, Somersworth, NH: New England History Press, 1982, 1987).

Note that in the text frequent reference is made to a number of other works. They are:

This work was begun by the late CJ McNew and many volunteers in the late 1990s, when scans of major genealogical reference works were not generally available online. The transcriptions of the genealogical volumes were completed in 2008, but only a small part of the history portion was completed. Now that quality scans of the entire work are freely available online I have decided to abandon the history portion of the transcription project. The transcriptions of the genealogical volumes will remain available here, and I will complete the transcription of the indices to those volumes. Visitors who wish to consult the history portion of the work can access online versions of part one and part two at the Internet Archive.

I have added some notes [in red and in square brackets] to the reformatted pages to acknowledge volunteer transcribers and to correct typographical errors. Information from the supplement at the end of Volume III has been added to the main genealogical entries in green with links in both directions. Links between family members and at the bottom of each page have also been added to aid navigation.

I would like to thank all of the volunteer transcribers who have made this project possible.

Special thanks go to Lisa Whiting, who transcribed most of the "S" through "Y" families and the entire supplement, and transcribed part of the history portion. Special thanks also go to David Blackwell, who scanned and OCRd portions of history volumes I and II, and who was an early supporter of this transcription.

Thanks go to volunteers (in alphabetical order) Mardie Campbell, Elizabeth Jackson, David Pane-Joyce, Steve Perkins, Jan Phillips, Leroy F. Phipps, Brian Smith, Richard Dennis Souther, Don Stanwyck, Richard Straw and Helen ———.


Volume I - Part I
Online at the Internet Archive

Volume I - Part II
Online at the Internet Archive

Volume II
Online at the Internet Archive
Title Page
Dates and Freemen
Genealogical Registers

Volume III
Online at the Internet Archive
Half-Title Page
Title Page
Genealogical Registers
Supplemental Genealogies
Indices to Volumes II and III
Index of Surnames
[379] [380] [381] [382] [383] [384] [385] [386] [387] [388] [389] [390] [391] [392] [393] [394] [395] [396] [397] [398] [399] [400] [401]
Index of Places
[403] [404] [405] [406] [407] [408] [409] [410] [411] [412] [413]
Miscellaneous Index
[415] [416] [417] [418] [419] [410] [421] [422] [423] [424] [425] [426] [427] [428] [429]


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