[The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 12 [1858]:207]

1858.] Inscriptions from the Burying-Ground in Hull. 207



[Transcribed, July, 1857, by W. S. BARTON.]

   THIS collection comprises all the inscriptions, which are at all legible, found upon the various stones and monuments in the only burying-ground in Hull.   There are a few rough stones, partially broken or buried in the ground, upon which inscriptions once existed, but are now too much defaced and weatherbeaten, where exposed to the elements, to allow their various memorials to he even partially decyphered.   Two or three dates, only, are preserved from the fragments of stone found in the enclosure; one, with the title of a name, "Capt.," and the date, "Died April ye 2d 1708," the earliest date found; one with the date only of "April 30. 1718," and another of "Sept 30. 1759."   The burying-ground is situated towards the easterly part of the town, on the west side of the road so constantly frequented in the summer season by parties visiting Nantasket Beach, and is but a short distance from the Marine telegraph station at Hull, and the coast in the vicinity of the lower light in Boston harbor.   The number of deaths recorded in this collection is one hundred and three, and the different inscriptions are given verbatim, as near as may be, the names of individuals and families being alphabetically arranged, so far as the inscriptions would allow.

   The writer was engaged one summer afternoon only in transcribing these interesting memorials, and may have occasionally failed in literal exactness, but, in the main, believes his record to be faithfully accurate and reliable.


   1. In memory of Jonathan son to Mr. Benjamin & Mrs. Jane Binney, who died Oct. ye 20. 1792, in his 11th year.

   2. In Memory of Mrs Rebeca Widow to Capt. Amos Binney She Died May ye [1?]5th 1798 In her 86th year.

   3. In Memory of John Binney son of Mr. Spencer and Mrs Molly Binney, died Septr. 9. 1810 aged 9 years 7 m, and 21 days.

'He is not lost,
'He is only gone before us.'

   4. In Memory of Mr. Spencer Binney died Jan 20. 1811 Aged 53 Years.

'Our life is ever on the wing,
 And Death is ever nigh,'—
[two additional lines, illegible.]

   5. In memory of Miss Rebecca Binney who died June 26. 1819 in the 83 Year of her age.

'My threescore years and ten are past,
 And Christ has call'd me home at last,
 From all my sufferings here below,
 To dwell with him, and angels too.'

   6. In memory of Miss Jane Binney, daugr of Spencer & Molley Binney who died Sept. 13. 1819 in the 23 year of her age.

Stop youthful gay, and loving mate,
Read here your step to eternal state
Though lingr'ing long, I sem'd to stay,
More sudden you may pass away.


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