[The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 12 [1858]:211]

1858.] Inscriptions from the Burying-Ground in Hull. 211

   46. Here lyes ye body of Benjamin Loring, aged 72 years, Died March ye 10th. 1716.

   47. Here Lyes ye body of Mr. John Loring, died February ye 28. 1719, in ye 49th. year of his age.

   48. In memory of Jane, Dautr to Mr. Samuel Loring Jur. & Mrs. Huldah his wife.   She died Sept ye 5th 1791, aged 16 months & 18 days.

   49. In memory of Mrs. Jane wife of Mr. Samuel Loring.   She Died Oct. ye 18th 1795, in her 73d year.

   50. In Memory of Capt. Daniel Loring died Nov. 2, 1801, aged 46 years.

May Guardian angels watch the sleeping dust,
Till time shall haste the rising of the Just.

   51. In memory of Elisha Loring, son of Mr. Jona and Mrs. Lydia Loring, died March 20, 1810, Aged 14 years.

   52. In Memory of Eliza Loring, Daughter of Mr. Jona. & Mrs. Lydia Loring, died March 16, 1811, aged 16 years.

Now here my body silent lays,
And moulders back to dust,
But Jesus call'd my soul away,
To live among the just.

   53. William D. Loring, son of Mr. James C. & Mrs. Mary Loring, died Feb. 14. 1813 Aged 34 Days.

   54. In memory of Mr. Samuel Loring, died Sept 19, 1813, Aged 92 years.

   55. In Memory of Sarah Loring, Daugh. of Mr. John G. & Mrs. Martha Loring, died June 2, 1815, Aged 4 months & 28 Days.

   56. In memory of Lucy N. Loring, Daught. of Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Lucy Loring, died May 29, 1816, aged 14 months, & 1 day.

   57. In Memory of Mrs. Martha Loring wife of John G. Loring, who died April 18, 1817, Æt. 33.

In faith she dy'd, in dust she lies,
But faith foresees her dust shall rise,
When Jesus with Almighty word,
Calls sleeping saints to meet their Lord.

   58. In Memory of Mrs. Huldah Loring, wife of Mr. Samuel Loring, died July 23, 1820 Æt. 70 years.

   59. In Memory of Miss Harriott Loring, Daught. of Mr. Daniel & Elisabeth Loring, died Sept. 17, 1826, Æt. 42.

We part to meet in heaven.

   60. Sacred to the memory of Mr. John Loring, who died Jan. 18, 1828, in his 77 year.

May these few lines engraver'd stand,
In Memory of your departed friend;
When Christ commands, we all must go,
And bid farewell to all below.

   61. In memory of Mr. Jonathan Loring who died July 6, 1830, Æt. 71.

   62. In Memory of Mrs. Mehitabll Loring, wife of Mr. John Loring, died Feb. 5, 1834, Aged 83 Years.


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