[Mayflower Descendant, 8 [1906]:199]

199 Records in the Cemetery at Marshfield Centre  

WHITE (Continued)
Abijah, Capt., son of Abijah, Esq., and Anna, killed in an engagement at sea in 1777, in his 29th year.   [On his mother's stone.]
Anna, widow of Abijah, Esq., died 11 March, 1791, in her 76th year.   [On stone with her husband, and sons Capt. Abijah and John.]
Anna, daughter of William, Esq., died 16 December, 1852, aged 57.   [On stone with Sarah Willis.]
Betsey, daughter of Capt. Daniel and Abigail, died 29 August, 1778, in her 20th year.
Cornelius, died 21 January, 1755, aged 76.
Cornelius, Capt., died 9 January, 1796, in his 88th year.
Daniel, Capt., died 27 December, 1785, in his 71st year.
Elizabeth, widow of Capt. Paul, died 15 January, 1802, aged 85 years, 11 months, 28 days.   [On her husband's stone.]
Hannah, wife of Cornelius, died 24 February, 1768, in her 90th year.
Hannah, Mrs., died 29 July, 1775, in her 74th year.
Hannah, daughter of Lieut. Paul and Elizabeth, died 1 November, 1791, in her 46th year.
John, died 9 September, 1753, in his 79th year.
John, son of Abijah, Esq., and Anna, died with the smallpox, in Naples, Italy, 1 February, 1774, in his 21st year.   [On his mother's stone.]
Lydia, daughter of Capt. Daniel and Abigail, died 14 November, 1793, in her 43d year.
Lydia, daughter of William, Esq., and his wife Lydia Little, died 22 October, 1811, in her 18th year.
Lydia, widow of William, Esq., died 17 March, 1837, in her 73d year.   [On stone with her son William.]
Mercy, wife of Peregrine; formerly wife of Andrew Keene, died 11 August, 1852, aged 92.
Paul, Capt., "died from home" 27 August, 1775, aged 63 years, 9 months, 26 days.   [On stone with wife Elizabeth.]
Priscilla, daughter of Abijah, Esq., and Anna, died 11 February, 1781, aged 40.
Priscilla, daughter of William and Lydia, died 12 June, 1799, aged 2 years, 8 months.
Priscilla, daughter of William, Esq., died 10 October, 1816, in her 16th year.   [On her father's stone.]
Samuel, died 18 March, 1786, aged 24.
Sarah, wife of Capt. Cornelius, died 17 April, 1777, in her 55th year.
Sarah, daughter of William, Esq., and Lydia, died 17 February, 1821, in her 19th year.
Susanna, wife of John, died 22 December, 1766, in her 88th year.


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