[Mayflower Descendant, 8 [1906]:200]

200 Plymouth Colony Deeds  

WHITE (Continued)
Susanna, daughter of William, Esq., died 24 August, 1816, in her 18th year.   [On her father's stone.]
Sybil, died 23 October, 1875, aged 69.   "A direct descendant of Pergrine White."
Sybilline, Capt., died 26 November, 1777, in his 30th year.
Sylvanus, died 21 January, 1812, in his 70th year.
William, Esq., died 19 December, 1817, in his 65th year.   [On stone with his daughters Priscilla and Susanna.]
William, son of William, Esq., and Lydia, died in North Carolina, 1 July, 1824, aged 33.   [On his mother's stone.]

Sarah, widow of Nathan; daughter of Abijah White, Esq.; died at Oakham, 17 September, 1827, aged 79.   [On stone of Anna White who died 1852.]

A broken stone with nothing but "Janry 1781 in the 58 year of her age."

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