[Mayflower Descendant, 9 [1907]:96]

96 Records from the Cemetery at Marshfield Hills  

HATCH (Continued)
Emeline L., daughter of Samuel and Laura, died 15 June, 1832, aged 3 years, 10 months.   [On stone with Samuel F.]
Ezra, born 1811, died 1864.   [On Hatch monument.]
Ezra W., born 1832, died 1835.   [On Hatch monument.]
Ezra W., born 1836, died 1876.   [On Hatch monument.]
Harriet, born 1809, died 1851.   [On Hatch monument.]
Harriet B., born 1834, died 1855.   [On Hatch monument.]
Ichabod, son of Ichabod and Rebecca, died 18 January, 1797, aged 13 months, 13 days.
Israel, died 11 October, 1740, aged 74 years.
Jerusha, wife of Benjamin, died 5 September, 1788, in her 68th year.
Jonathan, died 8 September, 1775, in his 66th year.
Joseph, died 9 August, 1749, in his 80th year.
Jotham, son of Jonathan and Betty, drowned 4 July, 1788, in his 17th year.
Mary D., wife of David P.; daughter of Elijah Ames; died 27 November, 1841, aged 28 years.
Mercy, wife of Benjamin, Jr., died 26 April, 1785, in her 60th year.
Otis, born 1841, died 1860.   [On Hatch monument.]
Phebe, wife of Joseph; daughter of Joshua and Phebe Tilden; died at Peterborough 5 [broken], 1795, in her 44th year.   [On stone of her sister, Huldah Tilden.]
Phillips, son of Jonathan and Betsy, died 13 October, 1796, in his 13th year.
Rebecca, daughter of Benjamin and Jerusha, died 22 June, 1759, aged about 17 years.
Samuel F., son of Samuel and Laura, died 27 October, 1841, aged 6 years, 1 month.   [On stone with Emeline L.]

Osborne F., son of William and Susan, died 19 September, 1846, aged 5 months, 19 days.

Deborah,* wife of John, died 22 March, 1863, aged 82 years, 5 months.
Harriett,* daughter of John, died 30 September, 1828, aged 16 years.
John,* died 20 October, 1830, aged 60 years.
Naomi, wife of Amos, died 8 April, 1749, in her 38th year.
Samuel, Capt., died 21 May, 1800, in his 61st year.
Thankful, daughter of Samuel and Thankful, died 22 September, 1765, in her 3d year.
Thankful, wife of Samuel, died 16 August, 1798, in her 48th year.

(To be continued)

        * "Erected in memory of my beloved mother father & sister."   "Almira" is below, and separated from, the others.


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