[Mayflower Descendant, 13 [1911]:48]

48 Records from Old Burial Ground, Marshfield  

LEWIS (Continued)
Mercy, wife of Bela, died 22 February, 1810, in her 47th year.   [On stone with two unnamed children.]
———, child of Bela and Mercy, died 9 January, 1786, aged 18 days.   [On its mother's stone.]
———, child of Bela and Mercy, died 1 September, 1804, aged 3 years, 3 months.   [On its mother's stone.]
Mercy, wife of Daniel, died 15 December, 1822, in her 82d year.
Sarah, "Mrs", died 2 June, 1770, in her 32d year.

Lucy, widow of Thomas; formerly wife of John Bourn; died 3 April, 1824, in her 84th year.

Alice, wife of Puffer, died 23 June, 1785, in her 43d year.
Joanna, daughter of Puffer and Alice, died 8 October, 1776, in her 6th year.

Elizabeth, Miss, died 21 December, 1777, in her 77th year.

Joanna, wife of Deacon Thomas, died 29 April, 1766, in her 81st year.
Joanna, "Mrs", died 2 March, 1791, in her 69th year.
Onesimus, son of Thomas and Joanna, died 26 August, 1749, in his 30th year.
Onesimus, died 24 April, 1791, in his 43d year.
Thomas, son of Thomas and Joanna, died 8 January, 1748, in his 39th year.
Thomas, Deacon, died 5 October, 1771, in his 88th year.
Ursula, daughter of Thomas and Joanna, died 10 November, 1748, in her 37th year.

Joseph, died 22 February, 1802.

James A., died in Mayaguez, P. R., 13 March, 1836, aged 42 years.   Formerly of Marshfield.   [On stone with wife.]
Joanna W. P., wife of James A.; daughter of the late Daniel Phillips; died in Chelsea, 1 March, 1846, aged 44 years.   Formerly of Marshfield.   [On stone with her husband.]

Clarissa Jackson, daughter of Lemuel and Nancy, died 19 October, 1844, aged 7 years, 2 months.
Lucius J., only son of Lemuel and Nancy, died 10 May, 1836, aged 15 months, 8 days.
Mercy Ford, wife of Nahum; born 24 July, 1791; died 19 February, 1847.

Abigail A.,* wife of Dr. Isaac, died 14 December, 1835, aged 55 years.

        * On Paine monument.


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