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Miscellaneous Records

taken from the book......

Records of the Colony of
New Plymouth in New England

Printed by order of the Legislature
of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Edited by Nathaniel B. Shurtleff

Miscellaneous Records.

Reprinted with "Plymouth Colony Vital Records,"
a Supplement from "Mayflower Descendant"
by George Ernest Bowman

Originally published 1857
Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1997

REMARKS - (from the book)

The miscellaneous records appertaining to the Plymouth Colony, originally forming part of the contents of several volumes, have been printed collectively, and are comprised in this volume.

The earliest marriages on record in the colony will be found entered among the Court Orders. All the births, marriages, and deaths which were returned for record anterior to the year 1647, with the above-mentioned exception, have been lost by the decay of the first part of the original volume in which they were recorded at Plymouth.

The Treasurers' Accounts commence in 1658 and terminated in 1686, when the government of the colony was usurped by Andros. They are preserved in very good order, in connection with certain miscellaneous records, and are in the handwriting of many different persons.

The lists of freemen, taken at various times, and of those who were able to bear arms in the year 1643, are among the interesting records preserved in this volume.

Complete indexes have been prepared for the printed volume, to take the place of those in the original volumes, which were comparatively useless on account of their want of minuteness.

N. B. S.
December, 1857


  • from Taunton.

  • William Briggs married to Sarah Macomber, of Marshfeild, the sixt of Nouember, 1666.
    (pg. 38)

  • from Barnstable.

  • Children of John Gorum who were born at Marshfeild
    Temperance, the 5th of May, 1648.
    James, the 28th of Aprill, 1650.
    John, 20th of February, 1651.
    (pg. 44)

  • from Taunton.

  • Nicholas White, Junir, marryed to Vrsilla Maycomber, of Marshfeild, the 9th December, 1673.
    (pg. 70)


  • [In an unknown handwriting.]
    *Marshfeild, Ano 1687.
    John Besbey and Joanna Brookes were marreyed September the 13th, 1687.

    Martha, the daughter of John Besbey, was borne October ye 13th, 1688.
    John, ye son of John Besbey, was borne September 15, 1690.
    Elijah, the son of John Besbey, was borne the 29th of January, 1691/2.
    Mary, ye daughter of John Besbey, was borne march ye 28th, 1693.
    Moses, the son of John Besbey, was borne October 20th, 1695.
    Elisha, the son of John Besbey, was borne the third of May, 1698.
    (pg. 89)

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