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Old Colonists' Deeds.

   From the Plymouth colony records I will select three or four copies of deeds in Marshfield, as follows:
   "27th September 1642—Memorand: That Mr. Edward Winslow came into Public Court and did acknowledge That he hath absolutely and freely given, granted, enfeoffed and confirmed into Peregrine White, his son in law, all & singular those his lands lying at the Eele River wth all singular the apprtenences thereunto belonging and all his right title and interest of & into the same.   To have and to hold all and singular the said land & wth their apprtences unto said Peregrine White his heirs and assignes for ever to the onely proper use and behoofe of him the said Peregrine White his heires and Assignes for evr."
   The following is a deed given to Robert Carver (a brother of the first Governor of the Colony, Gov. John Carver, said Robert Carver being the progenitor or ancestor of many Carvers now living in Marshfield) of a lot of land in Marshfield at Green Harbor, near the Careswell place of Gov. Ed Winslow, said Carver becoming an early settler in Marshfield with Gov. Winslow and others.   It reads:
   "The Xth of Septembr 1641.   Memorand.   That Edmond Hawes of Duxborrow doth acknowledge that for and in consideration of the sum of two thousand foote of Sawne boards to be delived and payed him by Robert Carver of the same Sawyer Hath freely and absolutely bargained and sold unto the said Robert Carver all those his Ten acres of upland lyinge crosse Green's Harbor payth wth all his labors in & aboute the same wth all and singueler the apprtencs thereunto belonging and all his Right Title an interest of



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