History of Marshfield. 21

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   To show the caution the Plymouth Colony Court took, in seeing that the Indians should not be deprived unjustly of their lands, I have copied the following from the Plymouth Colony Records:
   "The Court understanding that some in an underhand way have given unto the Indians money or goods for their lands formerly purchased according to order of Court by the magistrates thereby insinuating as if they had dealt unjustly with them, it is enacted by the Court that some course be taken with those whom we understand have lately transgressed in that kind."
                        "1665   Prence Govr"
   "A Deed appointed to bee Recorded.   These prsents witnesseth that I Josias allias Chickaatabutt doe promise by these prsents to give vnto the Indians living vpon Catuhtkut River viz: Pompanohoo Waweevs and the other Indians liveing there; that is three miles vpon each side of the River (excepting the lands that are alreddy sold to the English, either Taunton or Bridgewater and doe promise by these presents not to sell or give to any pte or pcell of land; but that the aforesaid Indians shall peaceably enjoy the same without any interruption from mee or by any means in any respect; the which I doe engage and promise by these prsents.   witness my hand this 9th of June in the yeare 1664.
Chickatabutt allias Josias I Q his mark
Wullanaumatuke Q his mark
Richard Bourne
John Low Q his mark"
   "These prsents Witnesseth
that wee Adloquaupoke and Saseeakowett both of Onkowan doe sell vnto Nokanowitt of Ashumueitt a sertaine Iland with a longe beach adjoining to it, being neare vnto a place called Quanaconwampith the Iland being called Ontsett, the


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