22 History of Marshfield.  

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which land wee convey from vs and our children for ever vnto the aforesaid Nokanowitt and his assignees for our acknowledging ourselves fully satisfyed and payed.   Witness our hands this twenty fourth of July 1666.
Signed Sasceakowutt Q his mark
    "     Adloquanpoke       Q    "   "
Richard Bourne"
   In 1659, a large tract of land (says Baylies) on Taunton river was purchased of Ossamequin (Massasoit) and his son Philip (King Philip) and the squaw sachem Tatapanum, by several of the inhabitants of Duxbury and some of Marshfield, which tract was afterwards included in Little Compton, Rhode Island, but no settlement was commenced for several years."
   I trust I have made it sufficiently manifest, by publishing the preceding conveyances of lands, and documents, that the lands the Indians occupied were not stolen by our Forefathers or taken possession of by right of occupation, or in the words of the frontiersman, by "squatting" on them.
   The King may have taken possession formally of lands as a whole in the various Colonies, as lands belonging to his kingdom, by conquest or discovery, the same as the United States took possession of Louisiana by right of purchase from Napoleon in the name of France, but the title of individual lands purchased and conveyed from individual to individual before or after the United States purchase did not change.   Each man or woman severally and individually retained his acre or acres obtained by right of individual purchase, gift, or inheritance, undisturbed.
   Of course there were many lands and large tracts of land uninhabited and forsaken by the Indians at the time of the landing of the Pilgrim Forefathers, owned by nobody, and in the getting possession of these lands we find the following recorded in the Plymouth Colony Records:
   "A fforme to be place before the Records of the feverall


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