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Beginning of Marshfield Town Records.

   (I make only such selections of the Town Records as I think will interest the reader of this History.)
"1640—At the General
Court held 2nd of March 1640—"It is enacted by the Court that Green's Harbor shall be a Township and have all the privileges of a township that other towns have and that it shall be called by the name of Rexhame, but now Marshfield."
   "1643—Sept. 27th   At a Town meeting (in Marshfield) held the day & year above written it was agreed that there be a constant watch in the township, that is to say in four several quarters at Mr. Edward Winslows, at Mr. Wm. Thomas, at Mr. Thos Bournes & fourth at Robert Barkers.   Whereas it is probable that imminent danger is near to the whole body of the English in this land, it is ordered at Present that four watches be maintained within this township as above."
   "That a guard of two at least be maintained out of them.   That a sentinel be maintained all day at the place of the guard.   That foreasmuch as the Township consists of  * * * *  persons at present that therefore so long as the danger is like to continue viz: 14 days at least every man shall lodge in his clothes, with arms ready by his bedside that so he may be ready to give assistance according to need."   "That in case an alarm be given by night from any other township, then every guard discharge only one piece but if any alarm arise in our own Township then by two pieces at least and that then every person repair to his quar-



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