History of Marshfield. 27

[Thanks to Linda Smith for transcribing this chapter]

being lawfully warned, we thought meet to leave them to consider of a place convenient for the safe retreat for themselves, their wives, & children & if they shall neglect so to do upon complaint of the constable or any one or more to the Committee, and they are to complain to the Governor, who we desire set down an order in this case.   It is ordered that Capt. Nathl Thomas being one of our Committee, that he entreat the government to betrust some one of our town with a barrel of powder that in case of any apparent danger appears, the town may be suppled and the person so betrusted to be accountable to the government."
   A dozen men were fined six and eighteen pence for not appearing at the appointed hour of town meeting, and some for not appearing during the day.
   "1646—At the town meeting it was agreed that Ed. Winslow should agree with F. Godfrey for making a bridge over South River, and what he shall agree the town are ready to affirm."
   "At the same town meeting Jos. Beadle, John Gorham & Thos. Tilden were chosen Raters, (to fix taxes) and the sum that they are to raise is two pounds ten shillings for a public charge, and forty seven shillings and a penny for the charges of the Committee & other considerations, the town are willing the sum of five pounds & twelve shillings be raised in the whole."
  [The first case of the Town's help to the poor appears here, 1646]
   "At the same town meeting Josiah Winslow & John Dingley were appointed by the town to take order that Roger Cooke be forthwith sent to Mr. Chauncey to cure, and for what they shall be at, either sending of him or in his cure, or for his diet and lodging, the town promise to save the said Josias and John Dingley harmless."
  1647—[A case where the town duns a bill, due from one individual to another.]


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