28 History of Marshfield.  

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   "At the town meeting it was ordered & agreed that there should be a rate made (taxes) of five pounds sterling for the payment of the charge of 'fissick' (physic) and diet of Roger Cook to Mr. Chancy & Goodman Hicks at Scituate & for that and Anthony Snow, Ralph Chapman & John Russell are chosen raters.   And also that town thinks meet that monies due to Roger Cook from Arthur Howland be payed to the town to help to pay his future charge."
   "1650—At a town meeting held this day & year, John Phillips of this town hath put his son Wm. Phillips, being about the age of seven years the first of December last past, unto John Bradford of the town of Duxborough and his now wife, and either of them, or the survivor of them, after the manner of an Apprentice for an during the term of fourteen years from the first of December aforesaid & the said John Bradford doth covenant & promise to maintain his said apprentice in good & sufficient meat, drink & apparel fitting for such an apprentice during the said term and at the end of said term the said John Bradford is to give him two suits of apparel & also the sum of five pounds sterling, either in corn or cattle & also the said John Bradford doth promise to teach and instruct the said apprentice, to write and read and give him that education as becometh a master to a servant."

   "It was agreed at the town meeting that the said committee and Peregrine White are in the behalf of the town to look to all such persons as live disorderly in the township, and to give them warning; and in case they do not redress their course of life that then they shall use such means to redress such abuses as they find in any such persons to be as the whole town may do if they were all present."
1652.   Taxes on Animals.
   "At a town meting it is agreed upon by the inhabitants there present, that for the making the rates for the town, that horses and geldings at the age of three years old and


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