History of Marshfield. 35

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turned with a possé, Tuchin had escaped.   Howland was forthwith taken to Alden's house and tried before Collier, Alden and Josiah Winslow, who ordered him to give bonds to the Gerneral Court; he refusing to furnish bail, they put him in charge of the Colony's Marshal, Lieutenant Nash, who lived near.   He was eventually fined £4 for harboring Tuchin, and £5 for resisting the officer.   Soon after, he sent the court an indignant protest against Anti-Quaker measures, and was then arrested for contempt.   The court decided that as his estate would not bear further fines, and he was too old and infirm to be whipped, he be released in acknowledgment of error, which was done."   A romantic case is recorded concerning the son of this same Arthur Howland of Marshfield.   It was in 1660 when Thomas Prence was Governor of the Colony, and concerned his daughter.   "The tolerant course of the elder Arthur Howland toward Quakers had earned the ill will of Gov. Prence, and when in 1660 he found Arthur Howland, Jr., had woed his daughter Elizabeth, he had the swain before the General Court, where he was fined £5 because he had disorderly and unrighteously endeavored to obtain the affections of Mistress Elizabeth Prence, and was put under a bond of £50 to refrain and desist.   But Prence, like Canute, was unable to control the forces of nature.   This action was in July, but before the next spring the imperious Governor seems to have been forced to capitulate, for Arthur, Jr., and Elizabeth were united and in the course of events there was a Thomas Howland and a Prence Howland.   Governor Prence's friend and neighbor, Constant Southworth, had a like experience with his daughter Elizabeth.   In his will, 1679, he gave her "My next best bed and furniture, with my wife's best bed, provided she do not marry Wm. Fobes, but if she do, then to


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