36 History of Marshfield.  

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have 5s."   The bed and adjuncts were then worth thirty times 5s, for a fine bed was thought a goodly bequest; but it was the grand old story; Elizabeth chose to have 5s with William, to two beds without him, and provided her own beds."
   Attendance at church was made compulsory in the Colony.   "Arthur Howland and wife of Marshfield, who at divers times seem to have caused the officers of the Colony some uneasiness were fined for not attending public worship, and he was also arrested for neglecting his minister's tax; in respect to his age, however, he was excused till further notice.   "In 1666 Wm. Thomas, 2nd, charged Pastor Arnold of Marshfield with teaching rank blasphemy, and the General Court on examining the sermon declared it pure orthodoxy, and censuring Mr. Thomas for great arrogancy, cautioned him to carry more soberly."   Some of the women of Marshfield were pugnacious in Pilgrim days, and some were unruly, for in 1666 we find Constable Ford of Marshfield having arrested Widow Naomi Sylvester, Ford was attacked; and she was rescued.   As a penalty their brother, William, was ordered to pay Ford £2."   It does not appear what the nature of the first offence was, and it does not follow that the offence would have been at all criminal in our time; but in Pilgrim days, as we have already seen, it was made a crime to harbor a non-resident Quaker, and also non attendance to church.   It was a law in the Colony that a man should be indicted for swearing, lying and making seditious speeches, etc.   "Thomas Ewer was indicted for seditious speeches, to lie neck and heels at the court's will, but being infirm was pardoned and warned that for the next offense he would be banished from the Colony."   "Ralph Smith for lying about seeing a whale, fined 20s."   "Thomas Lucas for swearing," sentenced to be put in the stocks.   In 1651 John Rogers of Marshfield was fined 5s for villifying the ministry.   A Mr. Winter, who in 1660 was constable of Marshfield, was


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