History of Marshfield. 43

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of the first importation of meat cattle, three heifers and a bull being brought over at this time.   The settlers were destitute of milk the first four years.   The first notice of horses is in 1644, twenty-four years after our Forefathers landed, and eight years after Winslow settled in Marshfield.
   In a letter to a friend, Winslow says in regard to the friendly relations with the Indians:   "We have found the Indians very faithful to their covenant of peace with us, very loving and ready to pleasure us.   We often go to them and they come to us.   Some of us have been fifty miles by land in the country with them, the occasions and relations whereof you shall understand by our general and more full declaration of such things as are worth the noting.   Yes, it hath pleased God so to possess the Indians with a fear of us and love unto us, that not only the greatest King amongst them, called Massasoyt, but also all the princes and peoples round about us, have either made suit to us, or been glad of any occasion to make peace with us; so that seven of them at once have sent their messengers to us to that end.   They willingly yielded to be under the protection and subject to our sovereign lord King James.   The following is the Oath of Allegiance these princes and so called Savages took:   'Know all men by these presents, that we whose names are underwritten, do acknowledge ourselves to be loyal subjects of King James, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c.   In witness whereof and as a testimonial of the same, we have subscribed our names or marks as followeth:
'Ohquamchud,                 Chikkatabak,
'Cownacome,                  Quadaquina,
'Obbatinnua,                    Huttmoiden,
'Caunbatant,                    Appannon.'"
   Our Pilgrim townsman further says in regard to food:   "For fish and fowl we have great abundance.   Fresh cod in the summer is but coarse meat with us.   Our bay is full


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