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1663.   Town Record Selections.

   "At the town meeting there was a contribution for the relief of Ed. Bumpus to 6 bushels of corn of which Major Josias Winslow furnished 2 bush.—Jos. Beadle 1 bush.—John Dingley ½ bush.—Mr. Bourne and Bradford 1 bush.—John Rogers a bushel—Josiah Keen half a bush.—Ensign Eames ½ bush. and these persons to be answered at the next town's rate."
   "At said town meeting the inhabitants present have agreed as to the maintenance of Rev. Samuel Arnold in the work of the ministry, that for the present year that this shall be raised by way of rate; viz: thirty-five pounds shall be raised upon the estates of the whole town equally as upon other town rates, and the other five pounds to be paid particularly by the church and the one half being £17—10s to be paid betwixt this and the first of March next, and the other to be paid at or before the 15th of November in the year, 1664, and these payments to be made in corn, cattle, butter or English goods at current prices."

   "And further the town hath empowered their Selectmen that now are or hereafter shall be to warn any that judge to be idle or disorderly persons out of the town and in case any inhabitant shall entertain any such persons that he knows hath been so warned away by them, although but for shorter time he shall be liable to the penalty expressed."
1665.   [Indian conveyance or grant.]
   "Whereas I Josias Winslow at the request of this town of Marshfield did in their behalf purchase of the Indian Sachem, Josiah F. O. Chickatabut, the lands of this town



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