50 History of Marshfield.  

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which is mentioned, (in a deed from him to us of above date).   Know all men to whom these presents shall come that I do by these presents resign up the land here above mentioned unto the proprietors of this town and their heirs forever.
   In witness whereof I have set thereunto my hand the twenty-fifth of June, 1666.
Signed, Josias Winslow."        
   "Ensign Mark Eames was chosen by the town to deliver to Robert Sprout a parcel of cloth in his hands to clothe Hannah Bumpus, and Lieut. Peregrine White shall be responsible for it out of the ten pounds that he hath of Hannah Bumpus in his hand, and also the said Lieut. White doth supply her two pair of shoes of the same account."
   "At the said town meeting the town hath disposed of Hannah Bumpus with her father's consent to Robert Sprout for to be his servant for three years, and in case that the said Hannah shall be with child before this time that then the town will take care for her and at the end of three years' service will receive her if it be required."
   "Anthony Snow did give and grant one half an acre of ground to the town for a Burying place, which land lies upon the northerly side of the highway near the meeting house and next the land of Timothy Williamson."
   "At town meeting the inhabitants, have agreed that as to all future town meeting, that they shall begin at ten of the clock, and so to continue from March to November six hours by an hour glass, and what is acted in that space of time to be owned as town acts and the other time beyond this of the same days any actings to be invalid."
   "Eleven pounds sterling was voted to be paid for support of Mr. Bulkley in wheat, pork or butter."
   "The town hath voted to make 2 rates (taxes) one for the


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