History of Marshfield. 79

[Thanks to Linda Smith for transcribing this chapter]

viewed the body of John Rose, late of Marshfield and found that on the 13th of February he being a gunning was overcome by the violence of the weather, which was the cause of his death."
   The selectmen and surveyors of Marshfield in early days were appointed by the Plymouth Colony Court.
   "In 1678 Elizabeth Low of Marshfield, a single woman, was publickly whipped for giving birth to a child, & the father of the child was sentenced to pay sufficient to support it."   "In 1681, Timothy Rogers of Marshfield in the like manor, being lame & unfit in that respect, is freed from bearing armes & training."   Also the court "did establish Mr. Nathl Thomas to be Captain of the Milletary of Marshfield & Isaac Little Lieut. and Wm. Foord ensigne of said Company."


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