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Town Record Selections.

Scituate and Marshfield Bounds in 1682.

   "Articles of agreement between Scituate and Marshfield for boundary between them."
   "Articles of agreement indented made an concluded the four & twentieth day of May in the year of our Lord 1682— between Nathl Thomas & Saml Sprague Agents of the town of Marshfield of the one part and Thos Turner and Saml Clapp Agents of the town of Sciuate of the other part witnesseth:   That wheras the said towns by their several orders have chosen & impowered us the above named parties to make a final settlement of the bounds of or between the said towns at or in the North River that so the said Sedge's Islands or flats in or upon the said river may be settled to each of the said towns according to right and the inhabitants of neither town tresspass on the other by cutting or mowing of these flats or islands for the future.   We the above named parties do by these presents mutually settle, determine & agree that the bounds between the said of Marshfield and Scituate shall be the main channel as it now runneth down the North River from the Upper part to the sea; and wheras at a place in the said river called Green Island, the said channel doth divide and runneth on both sides the said Island it is further agreed that the said Green Island shall be equally divided into two parts & the Southward part thereof shall belong to the said town of Marshfield, and the Northward part thereof shall belong to the said town of Scituate and in witness that this is and shall be the settled bounds between the said towns forevermore we have here-


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