History of Marshfield. 81

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unto set our hands this day and year above written.   The Court have approved and confirmed the above written agreement & have ordered to be recorded.

Testa—me— Thos. Turner
Nathl. Morton—Secretary Nathaniel Thomas

Samuel Clap

Samuel Sprague"

   "Agreed by the inhabitants in town meeting that wheras the town shall purchase the lands that was formerly granted between Duxborrow and our town, but being after purchased by Nemasket persons of the Indians, they being willing that Duxborro and our town shall have their grant formerly given to the said towns, they reserving their purchase that Nemasket men laid out for the lands and the town hath voted that the said purchase shall be raised and paid by the inhabitants after the rate of the purchase of this whole town unto Josiah Wampetuck, the Indian.
   "Also made Saml. Sprague Agent for the town and in their behalf to agree with Namesket men as to that part of the purchase which concerned their purchase of the lands which was by the Court granted to Duxborow and our town lying about Mattakeesett viz: that part of the purchase that did concern our half of the whole lands aforesaid which was by the said Neemaskett men paid to the indians that so it, may be repayed again to them."
"Bounds Betwixt Marshfield and Duxborrow."
   "Wheras we whose names are underwritten are appointed by the towns of Duxborrow and Marshfield to run the lines and settle the bounds between the Townships of Duxborrow & Marshfield as by the Records of the said towns doth appear we have accordingly run the said lines & settled the bounds as followeth:   From the Rock that is flat on the top near the house of Clement King, Northwest to the North River and have marked several trees in the range


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