86 History of Marshfield.  

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ensuing & in consideration thereof the town to free him from the poll tax for the said year and also to allow him 20 shillings."

   Isaac Winslow was chosen Representative to Gen. Court.
   "The town made choice of Captain Nathaniel Winslow to represent them in a Great and General Court to be holden in Boston or elsewhere the 10th of this inst. March.
   "Also at said town meeting the town voted and also agreed with Mr. Peregrine White to be their schoolmaster for the year ensuing and in consideration thereof the town to allow and pay to him the said Peregrine White the sum of £1—10s and also that all persons that send their children shall pay to him sixpence a week above & beside the sum aforesaid for each child that comes to be instructed."
   "The town ordred that every householder of this town shall kill or cause to be killed before the first day of July next six black birds and 30 between the months of February & July annually on a penalty of 3 shillings forfeit to be paid to and recovered by the town treasurer for the town's use from every housekeeper that refuses or neglected to kill said number of birds and all such birds to be brought in to the town treasurer who shall keep an account of the same and also any person or persons of the said town that shall be in to the said treasurer more than their number set on them in said order being grown birds shall be paid by the treasurer out of the town's stock the sum of two pence for each head so killed in the town, and brought in by them."
   "Also at a meeting appointed by the selectmen to let or hire out the common Sedge Flats & Islands in the North, South & Green Harbor rivers for this present year they did then hire out all the flats that belong to the town in Green's Harbor River to Doctor Thomas Little for 13 shillings also


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