History of Marshfield. 87

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all the common flats in the South River to Isaac Winslow for 18 shillings as also all the lower flats in the North River below Stephen's Island to Isaac Winslow for £1—10s likewise all the upper flats in the North River above said Stephen's Island to Mr. Saml Sprague for £1—15s the money to be paid to the town treasurer by the persons aforesaid at or before the 25th day of Dec. next ensuing."

   "The proprietors of the town Commons of Marshfield being met on Monday May 22—1704 ordered, voted and acted that from the date hereof of any person or persons shall bark or milk or cause to be barked or milked for turpentine any of the pine trees in said Commons shall pay the sum of six shillings for each tree that shall be barked or milked."
   It was agreed at town meeting "that in addition to the act for killing blackbirds that for those that cannot get blackbirds, that Squirrels & blue birds heads shall answer and serve in their stead being alike in number and being killed between the months of Feb. and July so as to save the fine."
   "Also the town voted to build a new meeting house adjoining or near the old Meeting house (at or near Winslow burying ground), 44 ft. long, 34 ft wide & 18 ft. between joints."
Representatives' Salary in 1705.
   "Also to be paid to Isaac Little £13—7s."   (Equal to $44.50.)
   "Isaac Winslow—Jona. Eames—Thos. Macomber were appointed by the town for the recieving & letting the town of Marshfield's proportion or part of the fifty thousand pounds of Public Bills of Credit on this province to be lodged in the hands of the Province Treasurer pursuant to an Act


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