96 History of Marshfield.  

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the village.   Not such a hall as we have now!   Benches, mostly without backs, to sit upon, and large wood stoves to heat the hall, with no platform to speak upon.   But many good times were enjoyed there, dramas, concerts, lectures, and dances.
   "In 1824," says Davis, "the Methodist Episcopal Society built an edifice in the central portion of the town, and in 1854 they built the present meeting-house, about a quarter of a mile northerly of the Agricultural Fair grounds.   Lewis Janson was the first settled pastor, in 1830, followed by others every two years or more to the present time.
   "Returning to the First church again, Rev. Mr. Shaw preached there until his death, in 1816, having preached fifty years.   Beginning in 1817, Rev. Martin Parris officiated.   He preached until 1836.   Rev. Seneca White was installed in 1838.   Before Mr. White was settled, the present edifice near the Marshfield railroad station (Cohasset & Duxbury Railroad) was built, when the society moved into its new quarters.   The eleventh pastor of the church was Rev. Eben. Alden, installed in 1850, who preached here many years and is remembered as one of the best men that Marshfield ever had within its borders.   He resigned his pastorate a few years ago, and died about two years since.   He has been followed by several pastors; Rev. Mr. Lucas has recently been settled there.
   At this church our very eminent townsman, the Hon. Daniel Webster, attended, when at home in Marshfield.   There are two more churches which have been built within the last decade at Brant Rock and Green Harbor.   One is Unitarian, and the other a Union church.   The pastor at the Unitarian church now preaching is Mrs. Whitney.
   I do not find it recorded that any specially bigoted preaching was indulged in by our Marshfield pastors, but it is said of Mr. Treat, eldest of twenty-one children of Governor Treat of Connecticut, who preached at Eastham in 1672,


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