History of Marshfield. 99

[Thanks to Sarah Sully for transcribing this chapter]

   "Paid John Baker for killing three wild cats."
   Again an attempt was made to divide the town into the North and South precincts, but failed of a majority vote.
   "At a meeting of the town it was voted that there be 30s a sabbath raised by the town for the use of the ministers that preached at the 'Chappel of Ease' in the month of December, January, February & March, for so much time as there was preaching thee.
   "Also ordered that there be care taken to destroy the birds & vermin that are destructive to the corn & to that end the town came into the following act or by law, viz: That the head of every family in this town be obliged to procure and bring in to such persons as the town shall choose six heads of the following birds, or red squirrels viz: Crows—Crow bill black birds, threshers & every head of a family that shall neglect so to do shall pay a fine of 5 shillings to the Treasurer to the use of the poor of said town, &c. &c. &c."
   "At a town meeting was presented a petition of a number of the inhabitants respecting the catching BASS in the North River, so called in the winter season, which petitioners applied to the General Court to prevent, was laid before the town and after due consideration, thereupon, the vote was put to know the mind of the town whether an act may be passed in the General Court for the preservation of those fish and prevent their being thus taken in the winter season, and it passed in the affirmative."


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