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Stamp Act and Other Matters.

   "Town meeting was held in Marshfield, October 14, 1765.   The meeting being opened, the Stamp Act was read, and also the governor's speech at General Court, and what they had done, &c.   And then they proceeded and made choice of Abijah White, Esq., & N. R. Thomas, Esq., John Little—Capt. Danl White and Nehemiah Thomas as a Committee to give Gen. Winslow, their representative, instructions what part they would have him take, or means use to remove so terrible a calamity as threatens this Province, as well as all America, if the Stamp Act should take place, and what legal means that they shall think most reasonable & likely to have the Stamp Act repealed."
   "The committee of the town of Marshfield appointed to give instructions to their representative, John Winslow, Esq., what method he should take in order to have so grievous a calamity removed, as threatens this & neighboring governments by the Stamp Act, and other things and matters now pending before the General Court, having taken upon that trust in behalf of the town, we are of the opinion that should that act take effect it would prove the great distress, if not the utter ruin of this Province, and do therefore advise and direct our representative to use all proper methods in every legal manner to get the said act repealed, and look upon themselves as holden and bound to abide by such determination as the Grand Committee now sitting in New York should conclude on, unless something extraordinary should be in that report, which they cannot foresee, in such case our



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