History of Marshfield. 101

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Representative to use his own discretion.   And further the Committee are of the opinion that as the circumstances of the Province are at this juncture in a difficult situation and the people distressed in the payment of their present taxes, that our said Representative be desired and directed to be very careful in making any new or unusual grants of money & to be a saving of the public revenue & of taxing the inhabitants of the Province as things will admit of.
   "And also we desire the said John Winslow, Esq., to show his disprobation of the late riotous proceedings in the town of Boston in the month of September last."
                    Abijah White—John Little,
                    Nehemiah Thomas—N. Ray Thomas.

   "At the town meeting the vote was put to know the town's mind whether hogs may go at large, in said town, the year ensuing, provided they are well ringed and yoked, according to law, and it passed in the affirmative."
   June 29—"An attempt was made to annex 'Two Mile' of Scituate to Marshfield, but failed."
   "At a town meeting held, March 15, the town proceeded & voted to know the town's mind whether they will receive a number of petitions belonging to that part of Scituate call the 'Two Miles' to be set off from said Scituate, and to be incorporated in this town; and the Moderator declared the said vote to be in the affirmative, there being 50 votes for it, and 49 against."


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