104 History of Marshfield.  

[Thanks to Sarah Sully for transcribing this chapter]

feathered, and all this under the specious Mask of Liberty:   "Signed"—Wm. Stevens—Nahtl Ray Thomas—Ephraim Little—John Baker—Isaac Winslow—Elisha Ford—Seth Bryant, which report was read and accepted, & then they voted that the Town Clerk record it and grant a copy to Abijah White, Esq., their present Representative, and he be to put it into the public papers."

   "The vote was put to know the town's mind whether one-half of the annual town meeting for the future shall be held & kept at the North meeting house, in said town, & it passed in the affirmative."
General Court Moved to Salem, Mass.
   "At a town meeting held in Marshfield, September 26, 1774.   At said meeting, Nehemiah Thomas was chosen to serve for and represent them in the session & sessions of the Great & General Court, or assembly appointed to be convened, held & kept, for his majestie's service, at the Court house in Salem upon Wednesday, the fifth day of Oct., 1774."
   "A meeting of a body of the inhabitants of the town of Marshfield was held at the South Meeting house, in said town, the 8th day of October, 1774.   Notified by the Selectmen of said town, they made choice of Mr. Isaac Phillips, Moderator.   At said meeting Nehemiah Thomas was unanimously chosen to co-operate with the Representatives and others, who are chosen in the several towns in this Province, and appointed to meet at Concord in the County of Middlesex on the second Tuesday of this inst., October, in order to form themselves into a provincial Congress Committee, and to take in to their most serious consideration what may be the most wise and prudent measure to be taken at this most alarming crisis of our public affairs, and what may be most likely to produce a radical change of our public grievances.   And then they voted to defray the necessary expense of the said Nehemiah Thomas in the affair."


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