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Patriots and Patriotism.

   "Town meeting at the South Meeting house in Marshfield, June 19, Mr. Saml Oakman, Moderator.   At said meeting they voted the following instructions be sent to Nehemiah Thomas, Esq., their representative (at General Court held in Watertown, Mass.) viz:   'Your constituents not doubting of your patriotism, now in legal meeting assembled, think it necessary to instruct you touching the Independence of America.' "

1776, June 19th.
Marshfield's Declaration of Independence.
   [Which ante-dates the Fourth of July Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress.]
   "To the amazement of your constituents, the King of Great Britain is become a tyrant.   He has wantonly destroyed the property of the Americans, and wickedly spilled their blood.   He has assented to Acts of Parliament, calculated to subjugate the Colonies unparalleled by the worst of tyrants.   Our petitions he has rejected, and instead of Peace he has sent the sword.   Every barbarous nation whom he could influence he has courted for the destruction of the colonies.
   "Once we would have expended life & fortune in defence of his crown and dignity, but now we are alienated, and conscience forbids us to support a tyrant whose tyranny is without refinement.   Alliance with him is now almost Treason to our country, but we wait patiently till Congress, in whose counsels we confide, shall declare those colonies Independent of Great Britian.   The inhabitants of this town, therefore,



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