History of Marshfield. 109

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unanimously instruct & direct you that if the Continental Congress should think it necessary for the safety of these United Colonies to declare them Independent of Great Britian, that the inhabitants of this town, with their lives & fortune, will most heartily support them in the measure.
Benj. White,                
Clerk of the day."    
   "At said town meeting it was voted that Capt. Wm. Thomas—Capt. Joseph Clift and Benj. White be a committee to call those persons to an account who have borrowed powder, balls & flints out of the Town's stock, and to receive the money of them in order to purchase town's stock.   Then they voted that there be the sum, £24-0-0 raised in addition to the town's stock to be laid out in powder, balls, & flints.   General Court ordered that the Declaration of Independence be printed, and a copy be sent to the ministers of each parish of every denomination, in this state, and that they severally be required to read the same to their respective congregations as soon as Divine Service is ended in the afternoon on the Lord's day, after such publication, thereof, to deliver the said declaration, to record the same in their respective town or district books, then to remain as a perpetual memorial thereof.   In the name, & by order of the Committee of the Council.
   A true copy.   Attest.   John Avery, Dept. Sec.; R. Derby, Jr., President; Salem, Massachusetts.   By E. Russell, by order of authority.
   "In the old South Meeting house in Marshfield, October 7, 1776, a town meeting was held, and at said meeting the question was put to know the town's mind whether they will act upon the warrant for this meeting, and the vote passed in the affirmative unanimously.   And after due consideration the question was put to know their minds whether they will give their consent to the proposals made in a resolve of the House of Representatives of this state, the 17th day of


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