History of Marshfield. 115

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elevation that could be obtained, & there was nothing left for ambition to covet, because all had been gained.   The governor acquired the highest military rank and had been engaged in active and successful warfare, with the highest command then known in New England.   He presided over the legislative, executive and judicial departments of the government.   He lived on his ample paternal domain in Marshfield, and his hospitality was not only generous, by according to the notions of the age, magnificent.
   "In addition to his military and civil distinctions, he had acquired that of being the most accomplished gentleman, and the most delightful companion in the colony, and the attractions of the festive board at Careswell were not a little heightened by the charms of his beautiful wife.   In 1657 he married Penelope Pelham, by whom he had four children."
   One of the first acts of Josiah Winslow, as governor, was in the exhibition of larger sympathy for the Quakers, than his predecessors, Gov. Prence, who was tyrannical towards them.   Gov. Winslow at once liberated a Mr. Cudworth and a Mr. Robinson, of Scituate, who were imprisoned on account of uttering sympathy for the persecuted Quakers.
   "The early colonists when they looked into their situation, must always have felt a deep apprehension of possible evils; a sense of insecurity; an anticipation of the desolation, and bloodshed of an Indian War.   At the time of his death the question was settled, the aborigines were conquered, and such as remained in the vicinity of the English, were objects of commiseration rather than terror.   In this great work Governor Winslow had been a principal and triumphant actor.   His health was much impaired by the fatigues and exposures in King Phillip's War.   He died at the early age of 53."
   In King Phillip's Indian War, with their townsman, Josiah Winslow, general-in-chief, Marshfield furnished a full


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