116 History of Marshfield.  

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share of soldiers.   Those who were killed were: Thos Little—Joseph Eames—Joseph White—John Burrows—Joseph Phillips—Saml Bumpus & John Low.
   Isaac Winslow, a son of Gov. Josiah Winslow, was town clerk of Marshfield for many years, and a Judge and President of the Provisional Council of Massachusetts Bay.
   Gen. John Winslow, a son of above Isaac, was a member of General Court for many years, from 1739 to 1765, at various times was town clerk, selectman, and a great military leader.
   A further account by Bacon, says of Gen. John Winslow, of Marshfield, great-grandson of Gov. Edward Winslow, that he led a battalion of New England soldiers in Gov. Shirley's Canadian expedition in 1755, and it was he who as commander of the English forces a Grand Pré, directed the harsh removal of the Arcadians from their homes in the lovely village on the shores of the basin of Minas, sending them into "Exile without any aid and without an example in story," and we might add the most unchristian and uncivilized act ever committed in America, an offshoot, in fact, of the "dark ages."   Longfellow's poem, "Evangeline," pictures it more vividly than any prose account of it.   Gen. Winslow, of course, was only a tool in the hands of the King, but more is the pity that it should have fallen to the lot of the great grandson of our forefather Winslow, who was so just and liberal in all his deeds.


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