History of Marshfield. 123

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their estates except for the purpose of attending worship on the Sabbath.
   "Elisha Ford was imprisoned and released on the same terms, having at the same time been seized and carted to the Liberty Pole and required to sign a statement of allegiance.   Caleb Carver, Melzar Carver, Thomas Decrew, and Daniel White were proscribed and banished in 1778.   Paul White also was seized and carted to a Liberty Pole, where he was required to sign a recantation."
   "The rolls of soldiers who enlisted during the Revolution in Marshfield are probably incomplete, but those in the archives of the state, and in possession of the writer (Mr. Davis), as they are, contain the following names:
   " 'Members of the Company of Joseph Clift of Marshfield who enlisted for six months in 1775 are Joseph Clift—Jona. Hatch Sergt—Nathl Rogers—Job Mitchell—Anthony T. Hatch Corp.—Saml Tilden—Abner Crocker—Gershom Ewell—Jos Hatch—Asa Lapham—Amos Hatch—Charles Hatch—Wm Joyce—Wm Clift—Arumah Rogers—Job Ewell—Jesse Lapham—Lot H. Slyvester—Seth Joyce—Jona. Joyce—Nathl Joyce—Prince Hatch—Zaccheus Rogers—Tobias Oakman—Saml Jones—Caleb Lapham.
   " 'Members of the Company of Capt. Thos Turner in the regiment of Col. John Bailey under General Thomas (Marshfield) in 1775—Briggs Thomas Lieut.—Jona. Hatch Sergt—Wm Thomas Corp—Robt Glover—Nathl Rogers—Francis Gray—Jona. Low—Tobias White—Ezekiel Sprague—Peleg Kent—Thos Chandler—Alex. Garnet—Peleg Foord—Nathl Thomas—Brad. Baker—Luther Sampson—Tolman Baker—Job Mitchell—Saml Jones—Wm Joyce—Prince Hatch—Constant Oakman—John Hatch.
   " 'In other Companies were Abijah Crocker—Capt. King Lapham—Lieut. Isreal Rogers—ensn, John Bates—Isaac Bates—Wills Clift—Chas Kent—Nathl Kent—Asa Rogers—Jos Sprague—Andrew Pomp—Asa Lapham—Thos Rog-


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