124 History of Marshfield.  

[Thanks to Sarah Sully for transcribing this chapter]

ers—Abijah Rogers—Anthony Hatch—Benj. Hatch Sergt—Asa Rogers Corp., Bernard Tuels—Jona. Low—Peleg Foord—Wm. Baker—Eben Cain.
   " 'In 1777—Ensign Ford—Josh. Turner—James Curtis—Othaniel Sikes—Eben. Barker—Wm. Withington—John Chamberlain—Saml Norvett—John Bourne—John Borden—Peter Rider—John Randall.
   " 'In 1778 Josiah Harmon—Wm Roper—Ed. Conolly—Thos Ward—John Richas—Jarnes Kearns—Anthony Miller—Ezra Hathaway—Peter Hathaway—Abijah Hathaway—Benj. Cook.
   " 'In 1779—Isaac Lapham—Asa Lapham—Cornelius Bacon.
   " 'In 1780 Asa Soule—Wm Thomas—Luther Sampson—Thos Dingley—Jos Warrick—Job Turner—Wm Shurtleff—James Fillebrown—John Lincoln—Isaac Simmons—Jos Winslow—Allen Rogers—Geo. Osborn Jr.—John Doten—Isaac Horten—Peter Booth—John McCarter.' "
   In Marshfield, March 21st, 1773, it is written: "In the night, the inhabitants there were waked with a very loud noise and considerable jar of the houses, which they took to be an earthquake; but it is since conjectured that it was occasioned by the severe frost as it was heard several times, sometimes louder than at others, by many, who rose immediately.   The ground is cracked in many places several yards in length so wide that a man may put his whole arm into the chasms."


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