128 History of Marshfield.  

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   "At town meeting held in South meeting house, ordered that a bridge be built across the North River between Dea. Saml Tilden's in Marshfield, and Mr. Saml Curtis, Inn holder in Scituate, if the aforesaid bridge is built without cost to this town.   At said meeting Dea Saml Tilden and Thos Rogers, the 3rd, were chosen committee to petition the General Court for liberty to build the above said bridge by lottery or subscription."
   "At town meeting the question was put to know the town's mind whether they are willing to have that part of Scituate called 'Two Mile' annexed to the town of Marshfield, on the conditions that were formerly proposed, & it passed in the affirmative."
1787—Dec. 17.
   "The town made choice of the Rev. Mr. Wm. Shaw to represent them in the convention of delegates from the several towns in this Commonwealth who are by the recommendation of the legislature to meet at the State House in Boston on Wednesday, the 9th of January next, for to give their assent to & ratify the constitution, or frame of government, proposed to the United States by the late convention, who meet at Philadelphia for that purpose."
"A meeting to elect Representative to Congress and Electors for President & Vice President in Marshfield."
   "At a legal town meeting held at the South meeting house, Dec. 18th 1788, in Marshfield.   The votes were brought in, sorted, & counted in presence of the Selectmen for a Representative for this district in the Congress of the United States, which were a follows, viz:   For the Hon. Nathan Cushing, Esq., 12 votes, unanimous.   At same time the votes were brought in for two person as candidates for Electors of President & Vice President of the United States, which were as follows:   For the Hon. Danl


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