History of Marshfield. 129

[Thanks to Linda Smith for transcribing this chapter]

Howard, Esq., 12 votes, and for the Hon. Solomon Freeman, Esq., 12 votes.

Apr. 5, 1789.
   "For the purpose of choosing Governor, Lieut. Governor and senators for the present year.   The votes were brought in, and sorted and counted in presence of the Selectmen, which were as follows, viz:
For Governor, His Excellency, John Hancock, had 25 votes.
For Governor, Hon. James Bowdoin had 18 votes.
For Lieut. Governor, Geo. Walton, Esq., had 18 votes.
For Lieut. Governor, Hon. Samuel Adams, Esq., had 7 votes.
For Lieut. Governor, Nathl Gorham, Esq., had 7 votes.
For Lieut. Governor, Mr. David Cook had 2 votes.
For Senators, Hon. Danl Howard had 28 votes.
For Senators, Thos Davis had 32 votes.
Foe Senators, Capt. Jos. Bryant had 30 votes.
For Senators, Ephraim Spooner had 5 votes.
For Senators, John Thomas had 1 vote."
   "The town made choice of Jedediah Little to serve as collector for the present year, and to give said Little 11d on the £ for his services on all taxes he collects."
   "Selectmen were directed to provide a house for any that shall be taken with the small pox & see that they be removed to it, a committee was chosen to assist the Selectmen with regard the small pox."


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