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Ship building in Marshfield on the North River.

   Ship building in Marshfield, on the river, has been in past years quite an important industry.   A stranger looking at the river now, can hardly believe that it was the scene of so much activity a half century and a century ago, in fact, the citizen of Marshfield to-day, unless he has passed a half a century, can hardly realize the change that has taken place.   My authority in these records of the ship building in our town, is culled from 'Briggs' excellent history of Ship Building on the North River."
   "There were many vessels built on the North River about the beginning of the Nineteenth Century.   There were between twenty and thirty vessels built on this river annually."
   "At the 'Brick Kiln' ship yard in Marshfield, was built the ship 'Beaver' by Ichabod Thomas.   It was one of the tea ships of Boston harbor, from which the tea was thrown overboard by the famous Tea Party in 1773.



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