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Ship Yards at Gravelly Beach and Little's Bridge.

   From "Briggs' Ship Building History," I find there were two ship yards in Marshfield, one at Gravelly Beach, North Marshfield, near where the late Benj. White lived, and the other in close proximity to Little's Bridge in Marshfield, and these were known as the Roger's yards.
   "Peleg—Luther and possibly Nathaniel, Jr., and Thomas Rogers, Jr., built at the latter yard, and nearly all of the following built at Gravelly Beach yard:   Israel—Amos—Joseph—Asa—Asa, Jr.—Samuel and Thomas Rogers and all worked at various periods in nearly every yard on the river.   The Rogerses were skilled carpenters, and if any one wanted a ship built on honor, a Rogers was his man.   There is a tradition in the family, that John Rogers was related to John Rogers, the martyr, [in England, who, history says, had nine children and one at the breast, and the question is an open one to this day, how many children had he?] but this tradition needs verification before being accepted as correct.   Timothy Rogers was among the first of that name we find in Marshfield.   He was born in 1698, and married Lydia, daughter of Israel Hatch, of 'Two Mile.'   They had eleven children."
   "Marshfield has the name of having many fires, woods and houses both.   There used to be a young man who came down to one of the yards to see the ship carpenters, and who was not called very bright.   One day he was telling about a great fire in Marshfield woods, when he said what grieved him most was to see the poor little rabbits running out of the woods with their tails burned off."
   Luther Rogers, father of the late Clift Rogers, built, or



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