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Brooks & Tilden Ship Yard and other Yards.

   Briggs' work says, "The Brooks & Tilden yard was located about 40 rods above Union Bridge on the Marshfield bank of the North River, and on land formerly owned by Hatch Tilden, adjoining the highway which runs over the bridge.   The William Taylor yard was also located on the Marshfield side of North River, a few rods below Little's Bridge, on land then owned by Edward P. Little, and now owned by Mr. Stoddard.   The following are records of some of the vessels built between 1784 and 1809."
   "In 1784, the sloop 'Abigail,' 50 tons, of Marshfield, was built.   Jacob Bearstow of this town owned her.   Also in 1784 the Brig't'n Williams, 135 tons, was built in Marshfield, and afterward foundered at sea.   The same year, 1784, the schooner Polly, 52 tons, was built, Joseph, Mary and Mercy Philips, owners.   Afterwards sold to Barnstable.   There was built in Marshfield in 1786 the sloop 'Sally,' 44 tons, of Marshfield, Benjamin Hatch of Marshfield and Charles Hatch of Pembroke, owners.   The same year the sloop 'Juno,' 90 tons, of Marshfield, Elisha Ford and Jona. Ford of Marshfield, owners.   In 1792 there was built in Marshfield the brig 'Debby,' 107 tons, of Boston, and the next year two vessels, the schooner, afterwards Brig't'n, 'Helen,' 100 tons, of Boston, and the sloop 'North River,' 27 tons, owned by Charles and Benjamin Hatch, of Marshfield, and Seth Hatch, of Pembroke.   Scollay Baker began building a square sterned schooner in Marshfield in 1800, named 'Polly,' 114 tons.   Prince Hatch built in 1801 the schooner 'Three Friends,' 74 tons, of Barnstable.   Elisha Ford, Jr., built in Marshfield, 1802, the brig 'Eliza,' 165



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