History of Marshfield. 137

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tons, of Marshfield, owned by Elisha Ford, Sr. and Jr. of Marshfield.   In 1809 Aaron Sherman built in Marshfield the sloop 'Polly,' 35 tons, owned by Benj. Rogers and Ellen Sherman of Marshfield.   Aaron Sherman lived near the South Baptist meeting house, Marshfield, vulgarly called the 'Old Skunk.'   While vessels were building on this beautiful river shore, other vessels were being destroyed on her rocky coast, driven before the easterly gales, and many are the sailors who have found their graves in the sands of this town.   In Brooks & Tilden yard, Elijah Brooks and Geo. Tilden built here in the thirties of the 19th century for about ten years.   Here the schooner 'Huron,' 106 tons, was built, and in the same year the brig, 'Lewis Bruce,' 113 tons.   In 1838 they built the schooner 'Roanoke.'   In 1840 they built the brig, 'Joseph Balch,' 153 tons; in 1843, Mr. Brooks built the brig, 'Alden King,' 206 tons.   This was probably the last vessel built at this yard.   The Wm. Taylor yard, before mentioned, located near Little's Bridge, on land now owned by Mr. Stoddard, was occupied in 1848 by Wm. Taylor and Israel Carver, and then known as the Taylor & Carver yard.   In 1848 the schooner, 'Lake,' 74 tons, was built, 67 feet long, break deck.   In 1850 was built the schooner 'Horn.'   The 'Souther' was built here by Israel Carver about 1860.   Taylor and Carver built a schooner of about 70 tons, probably the 'Edie Little,' named after Edw. P. Little's wife.   Mr Taylor, it was said, was a very humorous man, and loved to tell his boyish pranks.   For some fancied or real slight, by a bevy of girls, in his younger days, he induced them to ride in a tip-cart, which he was driving, and coming to quite a deep, swift running brook, he withdrew the fastenings and dumped them all into the water, from which they emerged more wet than hurt."
   "On this same river, where so many vessels have been built, the first American vessel that ever circumnavigated


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