138 History of Marshfield.  

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the globe, was built by James Briggs at Hobart's Landing in 1773, on the other side of the river in Scituate.   This was the ship 'Columbia,' 220 tons, which also explored the great river in Oregon, named after this vessel, Columbia river.   She was the first vessel from this country to visit the Northwest coast.   The White's Ferry yards in Marshfield were quite extensive.   Vessels were built at these yards at different times from 1705 to 1840.   The Keenes and the Halls built at these yards for many years, but they were probably occupied nearly a hundred years prior to their time.   As early as 1705, 'Mary and Abigail' was built there, capacity 40 tons, and in 1711 a ship, and in 1713 a sloop was built there.   The builders at this yard were Simeon Keene, Simeon Keene, Jr., Ben. Keene—Isaac Keene—Luke Hall—Wm. Hall and Saml Hall.   The Halls began in 1825, and by them alone there were built here thirty vessels, between 1825 and 1840."
   These added to the other vessels built in Marshfield ship yards, shows emphatically what a prominent part Marshfield took in ship building on the North River in the first six decades of the last century.
   The following incidents Briggs tells in his book:   "Last Tuesday a whale about 40 feet long was discovered by a small fishing schooner, off Marshfield, which was being attacked by three sharks, one of whom the fisherman killed.   It measured 16 feet long, and upon opening it they took out of its paunch many pieces of the whale, as would make a barrel of oil, and ti was thought the liver of the shark would make two or three barrels more.   The whale was so wounded and worried by the sharks that it became an easy prize for the fisherman, who carried it to Marshfield."
   "In Marshfield, in 1760, died Mr. Wm. Carver, aged 102 years, who retained his reason to the last.   He was a nephew to Gov. Carver of the Plymouth Colony, and has left behind him the fifth generation of male issue in all, chil-


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