History of Marshfield. 151

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of the late R. H. Moorhead where 'four ways meet.'   It is converted into a tenement across the road opposite the former site and owned by John Carver."   The living graduates have formed an association, called the "Old South School Association."   President, George M. Baker, and its secretary is Erastus E. Williamson.   A reunion is held annually.
   In the year 1700 I find a record of the public school system.   Here the town did "then or there vote that Dr. Little should supply the place of schoolmaster for the instructing of youth in reading, writing & ciphering in the said town for the year ensuing & then promise & engage to the said town so to do.   Also the town made choice of Mr. Samuel Sprague to be their Agent to answer in behalf of the town in respect of a presentiment that is made of the said town for defect of or not, having a schoolmaster in said town."

From the Town Records.
   "The inhabitants of the town agreed with Dr. Thomas Little to serve the town as Schoolmaster for the year ensuing and in consideration thereof the town to free him from the poll tax for the said year and also to allow him 20 shillings."
   "The town agreed with Mr. Peregrine White to be their Schoolmaster for the year ensuing and in consideration thereof the town to allow & pay to him, the said Peregrine White the sum of £1—10s (equal to $5.00) and also that all persons that send their children shall pay to him sixpence a week above & beside the sum aforesaid for each child that comes to be instructed."
   "Ordered the school master to be one month at John Rogers and then the next 3 months to keep School at or near the house of Benj. Phillips, and the residue of the year


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