152 History of Marshfield.  

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being six months at the School house on the South Side of the South River, Arthur Howland teacher.   Paid him £13—10s for keeping school one year."
   In 1713 paid him £27 a year.

   "Instructed the Selectmen, or one of them to agree with Mr. Perez Bradford to keep school in town a quarter of a year for the present, and the Schools to be kept said quarter at or near Littletown (Sea View)."
   "Capt. Isaac Little & John Baker were appointed to agree with Gilbert Winslow for his old house for a school house for the town's use if they think it convenient and if not to agree for the building a new one as soon as may be, to be set on the land of John Jones Jr. at Littletown & to procure a place for the school to be kept in the meanwhile.   And also to purchase of the owners thereof the school house by the Meeting house for the town's use."
   "It was ordered that the sum they were rated towards the support of the schoolmaster the present year, for the accommodating them with a School Dame, they keep such a school six months in the year and it to be free for any in the town said time."
   "It was also agreed that the school house be rebuilt at Littletown & that school be kept for the 'futer' yearly half a year at Littletown and that the inhabitants to Westward of Cove Brook have yearly allowed out of the school rate what they are therein rated provided, and so long as they in that neighborhood do keep a school Dame or some other school half of the year.   £40 (equal to $133.33 1-3) was raised to pay Mr. Bell for his service in keeping schools in the town for One year."
   "It was ordered that the school be kept in the South Side of South River in the School there 4 months and 4 months


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