History of Marshfield. 153

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at the school house in Littletown and 4 months at the North End of the town near Thos Rogers."

   "Town called a meeting to know whether Ebenezer Damon shall proceed & go on and build a school house near the North meeting house of the dimensions of the old school house at Littletown and it passed in the affirmative."
   "We the subscribers being chosen a Committee to regulate the schools in the town of Marshfield and proportion the £23 of money which was voted by the town over & above what they voted to James Lewis and being now met at the house of Abner Wright in said town and made choice of Abijah White Esq. Moderator, have come into the following resolution viz: 'First that the town school that Mr. Lewis keeps after the present year is up, shall be kept in 4 places in said town viz: that he shall keep the first three months at the house of Mr. Thomas Rogers in said town & that the next 3 months he shall keep it at the old school house in the South house near the church and that he keep the last three months at the school house near Mr. Wales meeting house (north part of town, Unitarian church).   And then as to the £23 (equal to $76.66 2-3) that the North part of said town shall have £3 (equal to $10) of it, equally divided between the two schools in that part, that the South part of said town shall have £10 of the said sum equally divided between their two schools and as to the other £10 to the middle part of said town two thirds of it at the school house and the other third at the remotest part of that neighborhood if they will provide a place for it to be kept in, but if not then the whole of the amount at the school house, and also that Mr. Saml Oakman and Dea. Tilden shall provide in that part of said town and Esq. White, Capt. Danl White—Mr. Elisha Kent & Mr. Thos Little in their part & Mr. N. R. Thomas Esq. and Nehemiah Thomas in their part of said town."


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