154 History of Marshfield.  

[Thanks to Linda Smith for transcribing this chapter]

   "It was ordered that a New school House shall be built near the house of Thomas Rogers—north end of the town.   Also that a Grammar school be kept this year in town, and that said school be kept 4 months at the North School house, near the Meeting house & 4 months at the old School house near the South Meeting house, & 2 months at the school house near the church meeting house & two months at the new school house which may be built & proportion the remainder of the Seventy pounds appropriated the schools among the private schools."
   "40 pounds were raised for the use of Schooling the year ensuing, the one half to go to the support of Grammar schools & the other half to be to the support of small schools.   A committee was chosen to consist of 12 persons, three for each of the four school houses."
   "Selectmen provided schoolmasters.   £60 was appropriated for schools the ensuing year, £48 of this sum was appropriated for grammar schools."
   "This year there was appropriated £36 to be laid out in an English school, also a Committee was chosen to divide the town into 8 districts for the purpose of the English schools, this Committee was also instructed to proportion the above sum £36 on the number of children from age of four years old to 16 years old in each district and that the said Committee provide some persons to keep said schools."
   "At a meeting of the School Committee at Mr. Prince Hatche's, after proportioning the $600 raised for schools for the year, it was agreed that the Committee shall procure good teachers and if they prove not to be such the Commit-


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