History of Marshfield. 155

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tee to dismiss them & procure more.   The Committee were instructed to visit the Schools and invite the minsters to go with them."

   "A new school house was ordered to be built on the westerly side of the parsonage near where the gate formerly stood."
   "Four hundred Dollars was raised for schooling the present year.   A new School house was ordered to be built in the North District."
   "In the year 1793 it was ordered that Luke Wadsworth be an agent to make answer in said town's behalf at the next Supreme Judicial Court to be holden at Plymouth to an indictment against said town for not having a grammar school from the first day of June to the first day of Oct. 1791."
   "Two thirds of the money raised for the use for the schools this year was spent in a latin Grammar school and the other third in an English grammar school."
   Seven hundred dollars was raised for schools for the year.
   George Leonard, Wales Clift and Isaac Dingley were chosen school committee.
   "Allowed Danl Phillips' bill for land for School house and pay the special order."
   "We the subscribers being chosen a Committee in November last to take into Consideration the making alterations in the North School district, having attended to that business do recommend as follows: That all the inhabitants on the road leading from Nathl Waterman to Danl Hall's and all on the road leading from David Gorham's to Amos


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