156 History of Marshfield.  

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Damon's be annexed to the Cornhill District, including said Hall & Damon & that all to the Southward and Eastward of Bear's brook be annexed to the Littletown district and we further recommend the School house be removed near the dwelling house formerly occupied by the late Jos Ewell deceased.
                John Bourne Jr.—Bourne Thomas & Elisha
                      Kent                                          Committee."

   "It was decided this year to build a school house in the Two Mile district, and that Bourne Thomas—Eleazar Harlow & Ed. P. Little constitute the building Committee, and that said Committee proceed to build said house as soon as possible.   $175 was appropriated towards building said house."
   In 1841 $1050 was raised for the use of the schools.
   "It was ordered that One half of the school money be divided equally on the districts & the other half on the scholars."
   "The Selectmen were authorized with Moses F. Rogers to build on or before the first day of next November a new School house in Union District & they are further instructed to expend a sum not exceeding Four hundred Dollars & the proceeds of the sale of the old school house, which old house they are authorized to sell, which sums are for the building of said new school house and for the difference in the exchange of the new site for that of the old site."
   "The Prudential Committee was authorized and instructed to procure their school teachers."
   "The town gave a vote of thanks to Rev. Geo. Leonard for the faithful manner he has served the town for twenty successive years as a member of the school Committee.   He was succeeded by Hiram A. Oakman."


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