158 History of Marshfield.  

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schools in their own way, as the town committee may decide.   The salary of the superintendent is $1500, the larger part of which is paid by the State, the town being obliged to raise only $250 to meet their portion of the expense, a part of which it is claimed the State returns.   There has been no consolidation of schools as yet, but the question is being agitated at this time.   The High school is now located in the Ventress Memorial Building in South Marshfield.   A Grammar school and a Primary school are kept in the schoolhouse at the south part of the town, less than a quarter of a mile westerly of the First Congregational church.   A Grammar and a Primary school, at the time of writing, are kept at Marshfield Hills in the schoolhouse which has been occupied by schools for half a century.   Six ungraded schools are kept in the following districts: One at Cornhill, in the Union schoolhouse; one at "Two Mile," in the Two Mile house; one at Sea View, one at the Ferry, one in the Winslow district, and one at Brant Rock.
   There are eleven schools in all, including four graded schools and the High school.   The salaries of the teachers range from eight to eleven dollars per week in all but the High and Grammar schools.   The expenses of the schools, including transportation, for the year 1900 were about $7,000.   For the year 1901 they are estimated at about $5,500, with no transportation.
   Our oldest citizens can remember when the schoolhouse at East Marshfield was located at Roger's Corners, on the site where the dwelling of Herbert Rogers now stands, and attended school there.   Their fathers attended school a century or more ago at a schoolhouse near the Unitarian church.


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